The Otsi Keta Focus Fund, LP (or the "Fund") is a private investment fund that was created to generate consistent, superior, risk-adjusted returns through investments in publicly traded small-cap companies primarily based in the Midwestern United States. The Fund's intention is to hold positions in 15-20 companies. The Fund manager, Otsi Keta Capital, LLC, develops original and proprietary research on each position. The research is utilized to identify and invest in firms that are trading at a significant discount to the manager's estimate of their true intrinsic value.


The Fund's focus on smaller companies and concentration in a limited number of positions allows investors to benefit from the manager's greater level of knowledge around each position. The Fund invests in companies where the asset value or the present value of future cash flows of the target company does not appear to be reflected in the target company's current market value. The Fund does not expect its investment in any one business to comprise more than 9% of the Fund's net assets. The Fund targets companies with enterprise values of less than two billion dollars, and will maintain individual positions up to five billion dollars in enterprise value. The Fund has the ability from time to time to take advantage of market dislocations that are more inherent in smaller, under-followed securities. The Fund will maintain this flexibility from its nimble size that will not exceed liquidity metrics that currently cap the Fund at $100 million.


This performance data represents from inception through June 30, 2020 and does not guarantee future results. There is no guarantee that the circumstances leading to this performance will be replicated in the future. Investment return and principal value will fluctuate and principal investment may be worth less than its original cost when redeemed. Year-to-date and since inception total return are the compounded rate of change in value during a period of investment, including the value of shares acquired through reinvestment of all dividends and of all capital gain distributions for the period. These figures are based on an investment at the beginning of the period through the end of the period and reflect all applicable fees and expenses. These figures do not reflect taxation a shareholder would pay upon a distribution or redemption. Recent performance may be less than the figures shown.